Books and film scripts by Shaun Chapman, author of the Rocky Adventure Books
Shaun is an adventurer, environmentalist, educator, artist and amateur geologist.



Shaun Chapman, author of the Rocky Adventure Series, is an adventurer, environmentalist, educator, artist and amateur geologist. Shaun has written a number of books and film scripts, covering a wide range of subjects. Below are some of these.

The Rocky Series

The 'Rocky Books' are a series of wonderful books which will bring pleasure to children and adults everywhere. Rocky is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who really exists – and the books are a glorious fantasy of adventures set mostly in Africa – South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and beyond, where Rocky, a tough little dog, gets into and out of scrapes. In the books Rocky makes friends and enemies of many colourful characters – lions, elephants, hyenas, snakes, bushmen, poachers, politicians and even Hollywood starlets. As the series evolves we see Rocky going as far afield as New York and Alaska. These are adventure books for everyone with a strong environmental message. The first five books in this series are written and published.

Rocky Series

Books already in print
Rocky in the Wilderness
Rocky and the San Bushmen
Rocky and the Wilddogs
Rocky and the Origins of Man
Rocky and the Fighting Dogs (coming soon)
Rocky in the Lost City of the Kalahari(coming soon)

Next books in the series (in the planning and research stage)
Rocky and the Chinese Dragon
Rocky and the Dogs of War
Rocky and the Burning forest
Rocky and the Dogs of Manhattan
Rocky in Alaska
Rocky and the Vanishing Tribes

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A hilarious story about two Mexican corn crickets called Manuel and Jose, and, their best friend Astro, a driveable lawnmower. The crickets and Astro battle a twisted and evil machine bent on the enslavement of both machine and man, and the rest of creation, including bugs and animals of all varieties. . . In their adventures Manuel and Jose travel to Africa and then to the United States of America, far from their home country of Mexico, meeting creatures both great and small, to go where no Mexican corn cricket has gone before, their mission, to boldly consume as much cheesecake as they can, and, to drink as much tequila as possible, oh, and to save the world, God help us!


The film script is ready and the novel in process.

Solar Princess

A galactic tale about an extra-terrestrial Princess falling in love with an Earthling, Kel. . . Spaceman Kel, as his classmates called him, was a brilliant but misunderstood student. Disliked by pupils and teachers alike, because he was different and his belief that faster than light speed was possible, going so far as to formulate a theory and start the designs of a spaceship. When older, his design of a faster than light propulsion system, a ‘Quantum Wave Drive’ leads him to more parts of the galaxy and adventures, that, he never in his wildest day dreams at school, would have thought of. . . Saving Solal from her evil Uncle, Urgon, Kel is pitted in a life or death struggle against the Galaxy’s forces of evil, trying to return the Princess home, and, save her father’s Kingdom...

The film script is ready, the novel is nearing completion.

Shooting Stars

An aerial adventure/love story, with F-14’s, TA-4J’s and T-33 Shooting Stars. . . In an unfortunate accident during Dissimilar Air Combat Training, a United States Navy pilot, Commander Sean Hunter, receives the blame for the death of the son of an Admiral, gaining his enmity and hate, this is the beginning of the end of Hunter’s career in the Navy. An incident in the Gulf of Arabia puts the final nail in the coffin of Hunter’s career when he is forced to hand in his wings after disobeying a direct order so that he can assist two of his downed comrades. The Commander then starts a jet fighter training and air combat school, whereupon, the CIA asks him to assist them. . . The Commander gets shot down on the wrong side of the border and ends up falling in love with a young Muslim girl who tries to help them. The wheel of life turns full circle with the Commander coming face to face with the Admiral to face his venom, and his turn to tell the truth...

The film script is ready and can be revised to make the story more impactful, the novel is in process.

Blue Skies of the Kalahari

A semi-autobiographical tale of the Kalahari desert, of love gained and love rejected, of uprisings and insurrection, of survival in difficult times, all set against a backdrop of political intrigue during the rise and fall of President Mangope and Bophuthatswana, and, the rise of South Africa’s ruling party, the ANC, with Mandela’s release, leading up to the elections.

The film script is complete, but needs some revising, the book is in process.


A romantic comedy about a clumsy, but beautiful, music star and her initially calamitous interaction with an author, and, sometimes, love needs a little work... Jessica is one of the hottest stars in music, a winner on stage and in the sound studio, with her latest CD on the best seller list. Her songs are played by nearly every radio station in the world, however, when it comes to real love, well, she just hasn’t met the right man. . . In disguise and on holiday in Britain, she bumps into, or rather, accidentally knocks a writer into a car after spilling his coffee onto his newest work at a roadside coffee shop. Her attempts to help only make things worse, much worse – Jessica begins to fall for this quiet, reclusive oddball, James, and, hilariously, tries to make things right. . . James loses his heart to the diva, but, will it last, or will it get smashed into a thousand little pieces once again. . .

The film script is ready, the novel is in process.

Gangsta’s Paradise: Fish and Chips

A buddy cop comedy, about a cash in transit robber, called Japan Masimang. About one cop’s fight for justice and revenge, and about another cop, Harry Fish, who would just like a new car and a new life! Japan Masimang is the head of a cash in transit crime syndicate: morals none, principles none, his only drive in life is money – lots of it! Together with his gang, the Japans, they will stop at absolutely to achieve their goals. . . In a cruel twist of fate, Chips Mohala’s sister and mother are killed by the gang, so, when he and his partner, Harry Fish, are tasked with a pile of dockets and told to hunt the gang down, Chips has his chance for revenge. Not liked one bit by their Captain, who they suspect, is on the take, and, liked even less by other officers on the force because of their honesty and principles, the pair are left to track down and capture the gang. For Chips it becomes all consuming when the borders of justice and revenge become blurred, his anger and hatred pushing him, all the time toward a path he swore he would never tread...

The film script is ready and the novel in process.

Hopes of Glory

An aerial adventure set in WW1, about a friendship between two men that never dies... Luke Daniels, a farm boy from Arizona, dreams of glory while working for his father pitching hay and ploughing fields. His one love in the world is flying and the First World War gives him the opportunity to follow his dreams. . . Flying in the early bi-planes made from canvas string and wood is a dangerous business, even more so in aerial combat. So many of his friends disappear in the skies over France that Luke’s hopes of glory shatter like glass that he longs for Beth, his first love, and, the simple friendship of his old friend John. . .
Luke is good with his fists and even better with the control stick of his Nieuport in his hand, so, when the fight is on he is ready and willing to take on any challenge, so, when one too many of his comrades die, an all consuming lust for revenge fills him, throwing him into one last battle against innumerable foes. . . By himself, one man alone in a sky filled by hostile fire and hostile enemies – his soul thirsts for the blood of those who have caused him so much pain. . .

The film script is ready and the novel in process.


A period piece set in 1875 around the battle of Isandlwana, about a Lord and his trusted servant, an evil witch doctor called the Amatigati, a massacre and disgrace. . . In an area of South Africa called Zululand the embattled British forces are trying to keep hold of their new acquisition off the Wild Coast, forging their way into Africa in search of gold and diamonds and instituting new laws in-step with those of their homeland, Queen and country. . . Lord Morecroft and his faithful servant Sempiwe are caught up in events as a witchdoctor’s evil machinations and lust for power leads to the deaths of every single man in Morecroft’s charge, while he and Sempiwe take part in a lion hunt. Because of this he is charged with cowardice and dereliction of duty. Sent home to old Blighty in disgrace, the broken Morecroft tries to come to grips with what happened. . . Many years later, they return to Zululand in an effort to cure Morecroft’s afflicted daughter. Sempiwe’s old village is no longer the same however, its genial old shaman no longer there, and, in his place, the evil, wicked Amatigati. . .  

The film script is ready and the novel in process.

Chapman’s African Tales

This book contains a variety of African folk tales, two, retold by Shaun in his unique way, the others are based on real life stories, about real people, but given the Brothers Grim treatment, teaching morals and understanding but retaining the fairytale touch. These short stories are fables and all have meaning. . . The Stone Princess is about a chief’s son, Zolani, and his quest for a bride, leading him to a great stone village, many, many leagues away. . . The second story is called ‘The thin little girl’, based on a very real young girl and how, after her mother died, relatives convinced her father she would be better off with them, after, that is, they took most of his possessions to care for her, and, cut off her braided locks, took her clothes away, leaving her in rags and gave all her toys to their children. . . The third story is called ‘The Silent Princess’ all about a young warrior and herder called Bankulu and the Princess Nozizwe. . . The fourth and fifth stories are ‘Tselane and the cannibal’ and ‘Nelson and the Bird.’ The sixth story is about a giant called Obe. ‘Nyanga and the Magic Stick’ follows, with a young boy, Nyanga and his little talking meercat, Dombi. . . The final story in the compendium is called ‘The Poor Little Fisherman’, about a down on his luck fisherman, Shilling and his little dog Skuku, and, a mermaid called Princess Isiqhabhabha. . .

The book is complete.

Mouse Tails

Have you ever wondered about the secret lives of mice. . . This book is African folklore as told by mice, with mice being the central characters and players, exploring their lives from their perspective before the advent of men and of their arrival on the scene, and, the damage they have perpetrated upon the environment and nature to date. . .

The book is in progress.


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