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Shaun Chapman growing up


Shaun Chapman was born in Ptheli, Wales, in the house of Lloyd George, Britain’s most famous and most respected head of government during World War One. His family travelled extensively while he was growing up and he attended fourteen different schools around the world. Shaun studied Pure and Applied Mathematics at college then Psychology and Anthropology through UNISA in Pretoria.

Shaun’s interests are wide and varied, from Geology, Archaeology, to Quantum Physics and everything in between. He loves flying and martial arts, long cycle rides and running. A passion that has always remained with him is nature, so, after a stint with the military and teaching unarmed combat and martial art (Goju-ru karate), he worked for the Parks Boards in Botswana and the North West Province of South Africa. Shaun is also an honorary ranger with the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve in Gauteng, South Africa. Shaun is also an accomplished artist and photographer, having covered the Miss World competition six times and has produced a limited edition wildlife series based on the animals of Etosha and Chobe reserves.

Shaun as a ChildShaun’s interest in writing began early in primary school. He would write, direct and act in school plays he produced. It wasn’t until much later after working as a photojournalist and publishing his own medical magazine that the writing bug caught up with him again. Starting with screenplays Shaun progressed to the Rocky adventure series. In his words, “Rocky and the beauty of nature inspired me, so I combined the two, based on Rocky’s real life adventures in an effort to change the mindset of mankind, from this destructive materialism they are mired in, to a think nature first attitude!”

Shaun loves Africa, with its diverse cultures and traditions, the wildlife and nature, to its geologic formations. “There are sights, sounds and smells, like the first rains of the season falling on the Kalahari (an undeniably sweet aroma), that are not replicated anywhere else in the world.  In Namibia what captivated me the most were the rock formations between Keetmanshoop and Mariental, and a full moon over the bush surrounding Windhoek, or just the miles and miles of emptiness of the desert. And, at night, whether on the Magadi-gadi salt pans or in the great dunes of the Namib; or the sedimentary rocks of the Karoo; or the orange sands of the Kalahari, there is this huge sky, spreading from horizon to horizon, and set in this are the innumerable campfires of the ancients, all in a vast swathe cutting across the sky. Totally awesome! If you listen carefully you can even hear the San of the past laughing, singing and dancing, up there in the sky. To me, this is the real Africa, not the pseudo western trappings and cultural artifacts that have been adopted from a civilization that is destroying the entire planet and its flora and fauna. . .”

The Rocky Books series is a driving force in Shaun’s life as it is an excellent vehicle from which to impart the value of nature to present and future generations. “The series has so much of our real life adventures; being shot at by poachers and diamond smugglers and hunted by armed desperados, to being stalked by lions and much more. . . The most dangerous animals are the two legged ones by far.  Africa is a place where you have to be on guard one hundred per cent of the time!”

At present Shaun is working hard on the series and other books for the electronic market, plus, of course, forays into the wild, including an anti-poaching initiative. . . And, what of the future? “I have been working on an ‘alternating crustal displacement theory’, which explains the geologic turmoil we are experiencing at present, a very absorbing and challenging topic to fit in with current geological understanding, including geologic hotspots.”

There are many other projects he has on the go too, as Shaun is busy turning some of his screenplays into novels. . . As he says, “The work never stops. . .” Some of the screenplays Shaun has written include: Shooting Stars, an aerial adventure/love story with F-14’s, TA-4J’s and T-33’s; Astro, an animation story with its main protagonists being two Mexican corn crickets; Blue Skies of the Kalahari, a semi autobiographical story set in and around the Kalahari; Solar Princess, a space opera in three parts; Amatigati, a period African mystic adventure; Hopes of Glory, set in WW1 about a volunteer pilot who finds more than he bargains for on the front line; Jessica, a romantic comedy; Mouse Tails, African folklore as told by mice, with mice characters.

Recently, Shaun has become almost obsessed with climate change, global warming and the many natural disasters that are taking place.  Shaun has formulated 'Chapman's Alternating Crustal Displacement Theory' which you can read about at


  Shaun Chapman growing up   Shaun Chapman growing up   Shaun Chapman growing up   Shaun Chapman growing up